Wellness is a journey, and we believe that it is one of the most personal experiences beginning with our inner selves. At Mitvana, we’re harnessing the unique herbal knowledge of ancient India to be your partners in this wellness journey.

We’re going to save you the time to read through how we’re a well-researched head to toe premium brand, crafting products to meet international standards. What you really want is personal care that tunes into your personal journey effectively; not just products but a way of life that is more honest, effective & responsible. And we’re here to deliver. Before you start your own journey with Mitvana, you might want to know how ours began.


Established in 2011 in Bangalore, India by Dr. S.K Mitra, our motivation.   Dr Mitra has been previously a partner and Executive Director with the Himalaya Drug Company and CEO of Zandu–Emami group, a veteran in the field of herbal products’ research and development for the last 3 decades, he has dedicated his years to make personal care accessible and efficient for all.

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Our Promise

To say that Natural Herbs are an important element of our production process would be an understatement. As our name suggests, we’re Mit-vana or ‘friends of the forest’. At our core, we’re focussed on staying connected to nature. Our natural elements are sourced from responsible suppliers who cultivate these plants using healthy and safe agricultural practices, free from pesticides and any other toxic chemicals, with the extraction of herbs done using only what’s good and true – pure water.

We believe that only the most authentic and natural personal care can be your meet,your friend, on this journey. And so, our promise is to deliver care that is innovative yet intuitive, products that meet quality standards and at the same time, suit your personal needs, and a way of life that is in tune with your wellness journey.